Sunday, 25 November 2007

Cape Maclear /Monkey bay -Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi
is one of the tourist attractions in Malawi.Unfortunately most malawians have not even been here to see how nature unfolds itself.
During a recent field Visit I hard an opportunity of visiting the Lake in Mangochi and explored h the two wonderful places along the Lake, Monkey Bay and Cape Mclear .Monkey is about 98 Km away from Mangochi Boma and Cape Maclear is about 60 Km.I happened to have beeen at Monkey-Bay when one of the ships sailing on lake Malawi (Mtendere ) was just docking.The scene of seeing the passengers off the ship was fantastic.And plenty of monkiees were indeed there.
Of most unexplored areas along the Lake is the Cape Maclear;where nature is still intact.All you see is a few local people with a Boat (named sunset)who wants to take you on the water.While there you actually wonder how the lake can be so attractive and yet people around so poor.
Next time you have a chance to visit malawi, Make an effort to see the Lake .And fellow malawians,no excuse for not going there if you are already in the country.Even buses go there.You will be amazed which what is in store.

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