Thursday, 8 November 2007

Fund raising for the Academics

For those Academics who are considering doing research/projects in Malawi mainly in the public domain/non profit related organisations ;there is so much money to be given to help you succeed with the plans.

Here are some tips on how you can access the funds.

1.Be familiar with your field and interested area of research/implementation and the donors/sponsors who do are already involved in funding this type of activities.You are more likely to get funding from a donor who has funded previous similar research somewhere else than a complete new donor who has no idea about your specialised area.
2.Put the interest of the people of Malawi first and your interest last. Dont tell the donor in the face that you need to be paid for this work otherwise you will not do it;They are helping your country and have nothing to lose if you do not want to cooperate.And someone else will.
3. Dont ne very negative with the things in your country;don't say this ans this cant work in my country-thgis puts off most donors;foucus on what can work in your setup and what you think can work better with your input.
4.Dont take projects or research as pesronal .Donors are more likely to fund you through an an institution than directly to do.
5.When you submit a proposal do be too optimistic;it is very unsual for you to have the first proposal you have submitted being approved ;usually you have to submit to 2 or 3 places before you can get funding.
5.Thank all the donor who have approved your proposal regardless of much much funding they have given you.Thank them 2,3,4 or even 10 times.
6.More importantly ; write back to all the donors who have refused your proposal and thank them for their interest to read it.Dont be negative at-all
7.When you get the money;do the work/research that you promise d you would do;get only what is meant to be your share/proportion/allowances.Lack of Trust with one donor can cost you a million with the rest.
8.when you've finished the work suggest that you would like to do more;if you successfully accomplished the first task the donor is more likely to give you more mone for the next task.
9.If you can stick to one donor.Its much easier to be answerable to one donor than so many people asking for reports.
10.Respect agreed deadlines.Send reports when they are due. Dont give excuses like i was attending a funeral;was sick e.t.c.

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