Tuesday, 27 November 2007

The Joys of working in a community in Malawi

How you ever thought of how hard and impossible it is for a professional person to work in a rural area in Malawi where there is no internet?The truth is that it is not that difficulty .
We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.
Charles R. Swindoll

A recent NGO International advert looking for health workers to work in developing countries caught my eye. It started like this :”Heroes not wanted. If the main motivation for applying for this job is money ,then we are probably not looking for you. “ I should have applied for this job, but didn’t because my currently job has almost the same conditions.
Working in a community in Malawi can be very challenging but also very rewarding (not financially).The job satisfaction comes from the fact that you are able to help in situations where communities feel helpless; and by the end of the day you have much more satisfaction(even though your pockets are still empty) .Initially we all crave for money, but eventuality we realise that money is not the only thing that we need to think about. Afterall all this evil, robbery, corruption, political wrangles that we have in Malawi have very little to do with people wanting to serve our country; but rather to enrich themselves.
If you really want to serve or do something for Malawians think of doing something peacefully in the community where people appreciate your role and you appreciate theirs.
One interesting thing about the rural Malawi is that despite the many problems available(HIV/Aids,Hunger,e.t.c),people are usually smiling and happy .This is in great contrast to the west where people have all this money and credit cards, but everyone looks so gloomy when you are with them in the trains and buses. You can be sure that when you spend a whole day in the community in Malawi, your face is full of smiles.
Of most interesting to me is the children I found everywhere I go in the rural communities of Malawi ,actively running after my car and willingly asking to have their pictures taken (not this business of asking for consent to take a picture in the west and being embarrassingly refused).As a result I end up with lots and lots of Photos of children from all the districts in Malawi.
Lunch is also served with a lot of respect from the following resthouses ( Nsanje discovery lodge in Nsanje, Matechanga in Chikwawa, Mulanje view motel and Chididi in Mulanje, Jali in Zomba, Chinese restaurant in Mangochi, Kanthunkhako in Mzuzu) and many other places all over Malawi.After all having a full meal with a drink and a lot of respect for only USD 2,who can complain !!!!
I love working in the community in Malawi.

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