Thursday, 8 November 2007

Where are all the Malawians in London?

Many years ago when I was a medical student in Adelaide South Australia ,we used to have a strong association of African living in Adelaide (we were only a few Malawians so we couldn't have our own Associations).
In 1999 when I was in Nairobi ,Kenya we had a very strong "association of Malawians living in Kenya" AMAKE in short and I was an active member.Infact the time i was there the association was so active that we were helping Malawians back home with various itmes.I remember the last time they had floods in lower shire we donated some blankets and clothes.I was the treasurer of AMAKE and the chairman was the popular Dr Eliya Zulu who is still in Nairobi.

We used to host celebrations at Independence day at the High commissioners Officers and would invite a guest speaker to give a talk.

I remember during one the years I was treasurer we had Prof Zeleza ( a Malawian Professor based in the USA) as a guest of honour and he have a good talk about the history and politics of Malawi.

I have been in London for a while now since 2004;even stayed a whole year in 2005-2006.

I heard there was a similar association here in London.But who are the members.How do i contact them?

Recently there was an article posted at Nyasa times about a strong Malawian function in Sweden.There were a lot of people there.

But where are the Malawians in London?

Please contact me.

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johan said...

hey there! im looking for a bigger malawi community in london too! im a music producer and im working closley with Esau Mwamwaya ( , from Malawi. were in desperate need of backup singers for his show. i know this isnt the right place to look for it but maybe you've found some malawi association in london or such i could contact. love. johan

please contact me on if u could help in any way...