Thursday, 8 November 2007

Travelled a lot in 2007

I thank the lord for giving me the means to travel and see places that i never dreamed I would see in my live.
Even though I mostly stay and work in Malawi I do go out of the country a bit more than other people do;and I am grateful for that.Almost all my trips are work related;but they still make me see places.
The year 2007 has particularly been good to me;here are the places I ended up and the months.

January 2007 was all spent in Malawi.
February 2007 I was in Johannesburg South Africa for 2 days (stayed at uncle Charles Keza place),then went to London for two weeks and also visited Manchester ,UK where I was hosted a dinner party at a very nice place .
March 2007 I was in Zanzibar for one week and then Durban South Africa for another week.
April I was in Egypt for a week seeing the pyramids.(see picture)
May I was in Daresaalam , Arusha and Moshi Tanzania-visited Kilimanjaro mountains
June took me to Mozambique(Maputo,Nampura and Nacala) see picture
July I was in Germany with my postgraduate student Dr Tamara Chirambo (see picture).dont forget I am also a lecturer at College of medicine so this was an academic exchange visit .
August-I was in Nairobi a-Kenya and then Moshi Tanzania ( i missed my flight in Nairobi and spent a night there)
September -Preparing for my Uk trip (I had visiting student from University of Waterloo Canada) so i had to be around.
October -Back to London England and Manchester

Not bad.I think all these trips are possible because I am based in Malawi.

In 2006 I visited Switzerland and Germany .

in 2008 I am going to India,Argentina and USA.

For the young doctors in Medical school if you want to travel extensively specialise in my field.

For the rest non medical fields;look for opportunities within your area.

Now you know why i cant abondon to leave in Malawi for good.

Opportunites for travel in 2008 include so far a trip to Indian in January,trip to Switzerland in April,trip to china in May,trip to USA in June ,trip to Argentina in August and many trips between Malawi and London.

God Bless

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