Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Port Harbour

My weekend was spent at Port Harbour;a distance of about 3 hours by coach from London.
This is a small vibrant interesting city by the Sea and I was happy to have ended up here.as usual i took all the pictures myself.Look at how bad the first one is.I was hungry this time and bought myself a cheese burgar while exploring the port. I then called Malawi on my phone.Sooner I discovered there was a ferry to Gosport (the other side of the sea) and i needed to get there(ferry cost was only £3 for return trip).Before i know I am on the ferry;doo! doo! doo! it sounds as it rolls over the water.Within a short time am getting out on the other side.Surprisingly this side is very quet with lots of old people with scooters.Is this a retirement home for some rich fellows?I ask myself.Ok lets go for a walk and shoping;Oops !not many shops here .Back to the water for a ride to the main Port Harbour.and then to the main town;looked for some souvernier to buy;didnt get anything.In the evening back in the Coach to London.Not a bad experience.

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