Friday, 16 November 2012

Great deal Accomodoation in Blantyre Malawi over christmas season

Accomodation in Blantyre

Centrally located. Vickyguesthouse is the best.self catering services.Washing Machine, unlimited TV.

we will give you a good deal.

K5000  ($ 15) per night per person


You will never regret.

Nice vehicles available for hire at very cheap rates

call us +265 999958176.

In Chikwawa but very hot

Electricity  crisis remains a problem in Malawi , with most parts of Blantyre still being rationed .
Fuel has been better, but still erratic.
16th  November so far still no rains. God help us
Was in Chikwawa where it is very hot.
Yes I am in Primary Eye care research these days.Some people call it operational research.

Research! research !research that’s my life thes days

What do you say?

Accomodation in Blantyre over Christmas Festive season

Are you coming/visiting Blantyre Malawi over  2012 Christmas?

Do you need affordable accomdation?

Well you have it.


Vickys Guesthouse

For only K5,000  per night per person you will enjoy a confort zone in Blantyre and have a memorable Christmas.

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