Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Thank God for my Mum

Today was a very busy day for me ;am glad its now evening and I am looking forward to my trip tomorrow.
Why was i busy?I have being trying to send this Research article for publication in a peer reviewed journal.Imagine it took me the whole day.
Tomorrow I am going to Portsmouth;to see the harbour ;There is a feery that goes from the port to France-I am not sure whether I want to ride on it.
The trip from London to Port harbour by coach is 4 hours ;i will leave very early in the morning so that i spend the whole day there.I am coming back to London in the evening.

At the momemt i am about to sleep but am admiring the old pictures of my home village back in Mtwalo,Mzimba malawi.
I was there for the unveiling of the tombstone for my late father.
My mum is still looking miserable.
The other women carrying Nsima are smiling
People are happy sitting on the graves and charting not even thinking why they are there.
I had to borrow the red car from a colleague at Ekwendeni Mission hospital.
The grass thatched house (my mums kitchen) reminds me of the healthy organic food that i used to eat before being introduced to the hot dogs ;i feel sorry for her though : she's never been out of that village -maybe i need to do something for that community ? Resources are tight here in the West .

Of being a medical student

Gone were the good days

The photo on the right is a picture of myself :the younger Dr while still a medical student at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Australia in the early 90's.I was at the University of Adelaide medical school in South Australia from 1990 -1995
I was on a UNDP scholarship (through Malawi Government).
Look at how much I have changed today on this right picture taken when i was 37.

Ironically I am still working at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital;but this time in Blantyre Malawi Africa.I was 21 then and keen ;staying at flat 40/133 Anzac Highway
I am over 40 ,with a lovely daughter and wife , but staying in a small village location in Blantyre (Baluti) not known by many ;but am still kicking.Time does fly.