Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Blind Children have no one to speak for them in Malawi but they also need treatment

You often read or hear about certain people in Malawi who have a particular disease that needs treatment outside the country and that they need finances to seek medical treatment otherwise they will die.

Do you know that there are at least blind children 1000 blind children in Malawi who also need financial assistance to get to effective treatment within Malawi?

I have decided to post these pictures of blind children from Malawi to highlight the need that is there.

Unfortunately these children have no one to speak or write for them and are doomed to remain blind for life. I have failed them, you have failed them and our society has failed them by not speaking or doing something about them.

The commonest treatable cause of blindness in children in Malawi is cataract (ng’ala); which can occur as a result of many things such as a mother having an infection during pregnancy; or being inherited (genes) from parents.

Children are either born blind or develop the cataract earlier in their lives.

If these children are not operated within the first few years of life (before 10 years of age), their brain switches off the light stimulus and these children will never regain sight even if they are operated later in life.

Most parents who have children blind from cataract do not know that this condition can be treated; as a result they stay within their communities or present at the hospital when it is very late.
Operations can be done in Malawi; but the surgical supplies and other requirements needed are a bit expensive so there is limitation as to how many can be helped. On top of operation itself, children need glasses which are usually expensive. They also need to stay in hospital for a few weeks.

A child who is blind will most likely not end up in school; remain uneducated, poor and continue the circle of poverty.
Unfortunately there is no Voice to speak for these children; so they get neglected and life goes own in Malawi and elsewhere.

My conscious tells me I should write more about blind children and try to engage people to do more.
I have already started researching ways of how to get blind children with cataract early from their villages to hospital in Blantyre but I have not sorted out all the logistics yet.

You can help. Email me!
I will tell you how

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vee said...

Keep up the good work Dr KK !! When most of the world is continually thinking of ways of enriching itself, it's always heartening to see how selfless others can be.