Friday, 9 November 2007

Mzuzu my home city

I am revisiting the pictures i took when i visited Mzuzu.I didnt know Mzuzu looks so nice when you are above the ground.I was taken the pictures just before we were about to land at Mzuzu Airport.
This was an interesting visit.i was working at Mzuzu central hospital for a week;but imagine I was staying in Nkhabay at Chikale beach (You can see me with the mango trees).Nkhabay is about 50 Km away from mzuzu but the road is good so it is safer to drive on a daily basis.The beach is marvellous as you can see.I was eating the chambo fish every day.These pictures were being taken by my automatic digital camera,i had no one to ask for help;but they still came out nice.
I will write ore later.If you have a chance please visit Nkhatabay-Chikale Beach ;its a nice holiday resort.The road being seen is the Chikangawa Road as you are approaching Mzuzu.Amazing.
Thats my home city.

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