Monday, 26 November 2007

Being a productive youth in Malawi - Lions Club of Limbe

What is the first thing you think about when you hear about Lions Clubs International existing in Limbe, Blantyre ? a group of foreign investors ???

The Lions club of Limbe in Blantyre is a vibrant group of young Malawians who want to make a difference by serving the less privileged communities in Malawi .These people are all professional and business gentlemen and ladies who voluntarily give their time to sit down and discuss where they can help in Malawi.
Activities based on member donations have included the cleaning of Limbe Health Centre, Rehabilitation of Salima School for the blind; providing dust bins in Limbe ; sweeping Limbe market; donating food and clothes to various districts in Malawi just to mention a few. Fund raising through Braii , Dinners and donations is an ongoing process. I have been an active member of this club for the last 6 years and the Lions club have had many other successful stories apart from the ones mentioned above.? One such story is the construction of the Lions Eye Hospital in Blantyre Malawi in 2004 (the hospital was handed over to Government –Ministry of Health) ; Lions Club International raised and donated 1.6 million USD dollars for the project (see hospital picture).
You can be a member of Lions club of Limbe even if you don’t stay in Malawi

Malawians leaving outside of Malawi or in Malawi who want to help in any needy area in Malawi can channel their funds/activities through the Club and there will be sure their help will be put to good use.

The Lions club of Limbe meets monthly at Shire highlands Hotel in Limbe .All members are required to wear a Lions club uniform while attending the meeting. The club is a member of Lions Clubs International
Membership to the Lions club is only by invitation ( you can not decide to join- existing club members have to see your potential and invite you to attend 3 meetings before they can veto to induct you).

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Dear Dr khumbo Kalua.
Hope this finds you well.My name is Francis Mwaka from kenya.Am looking for a friend of mine called Dr Musukwa.Iam told he works in the lions eye hospital where you work.if you know please link me with or +254 722 41 44 37 or +255735486888