Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Good Retirement for the Minister of Health in Malawi

As per my prediction on the earlier blog, indeed Prof Moses Chirambo, after retiring as the first Malawian Ophthalmologist is now not only Member of Parliament but also the Minister of Health in Malawi.
Join me in congratulating him in his job as he continues to be my boss.

Well, no one should ever doubt that he will not perform for the ministry of Health; He did wonders in Eye care, am confident he will do the same.
Read his profile on my earlier blog and you will understand we need such people in Malawi .The link is

In one of the pictures I am just next to him, he is the one with the flash disc on hi neck.This picture was taken was in 2004 when we had a refresher course for Ophthalmic clinical officers in Mangochi.

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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Are you a health worker based in the UK ? Will you help?

A film for the World Health Organisation (WHO) is currently being produced by a company in the UK. The film will look at the improvements to Malawi's health services that the WHO has been helping to implement. The film makers would like to talk to Malawian doctors, nurses and midwives who are currently based and working in the UK. With your help, they would like to discover what impact the WHO's interventions are having on the ground in Malawi. Have your say on what needs to be done to improve the Health System in Malawi .

I have accepted to participate in the film.

Are you available for a chat with me before being introduced to them?

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Monday, 15 June 2009

Meetings with Agenda but no progress

I was in Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi over the weekend.We had a meeting on 12th June.One of those where people talk and talk but nothing happens on the ground.I hate meetings .i couldnt go to Zomba for my programee because the Ministry of Health wanted to hear the results of the Trachoma survey that we did in Chikwawa and mchinji last year in august.Imagine they are asking about that now.
I am back in Blantyre ,this week i am busy doing surgeries most of the days ,but next week am off to mangochi ,the lake to introduce my programme of identifying blind children there . i am loking forward to the trip -swimming on the fresh water lake, and ofcourse seeing the children.One has written an article in the Malawian newspapers that the credit crunch is not affecting the ordinary Malawian in the community.Ask me i will tell you the truth.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Needed: Malawian doctors or nurses who are working in the UK

A company in the United Kingdom are researching a possible film for the World Health Organisation (WHO) and would like to talk to Malawian doctors and nurses who are currently working in the UK (preferably in the North West of England / Manchester area). The WHO have helped put various measures in place in Malawi to try and improve the health system. With the help of Malawian health workers who are working in the UK, the film makers would like to discover what impact those measures are having. I have accepted to partcipate in the film.

Are you a Malawian doctor or nurse working in the UK?Will you be available for a short interview at your own convinient time?

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