Friday, 9 November 2007

Tapiwa My Miracle Daughter

This is Tapiwa Kalua,My lovely daughter.
Tapiwa is a Tumbuka name(her tribe) meaning God Given.
She is a miracle in many ways;
Born before the mother reached 7 months of her pregnancy ;Tapiwa only weighed 1 Kg at Birth.
She had to stay in hospital (special intensive care unit)alone for 3 months but still only managed to gain an additional 1.5 kg.
She was discharged home (Manchester UK)at 3 months just weighing 2.5 Kg

Despite all she has now picked up weighing a whoooping 11 Kg and has become a very chearful girl;forgetting what she went through.

Medical miracles are a reality;my family have experienced one.

My family would like to thank all the medical staff in Manchester UK that worked hard to save my daughter;she visited 3 hospitals within one week of her birth.
But now she can eat porridge(Nsima).

And who is the mum?
Ofcourse she is my lovely wife.
I will write about her later.
Check about her on my other blog site:

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