Friday, 12 August 2011

Tough times for blind children

Am asked: are you Coping?
And i answer:

Pretty tough!!!

That probably describes everything that my family has been through over the last two weeks.
Why us? It’s a million dollar question.

But we are coping.sleepless nights are become the norm.

Malawi is gradually turning into another monster: God forbid lets hope things change for the better.
I have not been to the field to help blind children such as the one in the pciture with congenital cataract:congenital cataract is treatable and children can regain their sight after an operation
so why have i not been going to fetch for theM?
guess what I do not have a vehicle and also there is no fuel. My vehicle was vandalised during the robbery that took place at my residence.

Today will mark 3 weeks since I last visited the community.AS a community Eye Specialist this is quiet a long time for me.

Am still looking for resources outside Malawi who may come in and help find blindness in Malawi: because i honestly do not know what will happen to the many who are needlessly blind.

Shocked that things are this bad. Me too!!!

But what can we do?
Email me!