Sunday, 17 April 2011

Travelled again after a while

We are attending the Trachoma meeting in Geneva Switzerland. A lot of African colleagues are here. From Malawi it’s only two of us.
The weather is nice but honestly I am missing Malawi. This country is too rich for me. Am paying USD 160 per night for a single room. As the saying goes once you are poor, you become poor in mind too. All am thinking is about Nsanje where in Malawi where people live below a dollar a day 8this is bound to change after the famous port opens). Boats on Lake Geneva remind me of the Shire River: can wait when the ships will start sailing. I support development which is good for the country.
We are here for a few more days.
To find find/lean a bit about my other work in Malawi as an Ophthalmologist(Eye Doctor) click here at Blantyre Institute for community Ophthalmology .
No pictures this time.
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