Monday, 20 July 2009

Wish I could write a book

Ignorance is a disease; lucky enough some of us know and acknowledge that we suffer from such a disease. For once I wish I was a writer, but I know I am useless when its comes to putting words on the paper .If I did not how to write I could write a few books about all these ideas I have in my mind, books such as “guidelines for training health workers in Malawi”; “Eye diseases and their prevention in Malawi”; “How to make money while working for less hours ” and many other books.But God did not bless me with such talent ,so everytime I decide to start writing a book I write a paragraph and my head goes blank. As an alternative I have ended to writing blogs –which I still do not do well. But why is this the case ? You see I am always in the field seeing and experiencing all these things, and I tell myself when I get home I will write them up but I don’t.I wish I could be at least a better blogger ,if not a writer .Has this got something to do with my origin or culture?

Is there anyone there who can give me good tips ? easy ones and not referring me to books and blogs to read .Sorry I do not have such time. Unless your blog is talking about blind children ,or poverty in the rural villages in Malawi ,I am unlikely to read it.

I will be waiting for your email .Right now in my head I have all these wonderful ideas about what could be done to the primary health workers in Malawi but cant just spell them out .On the contrary I have noted that when it comes to going to the filed to do the work I am the one who packs the bag first .Its a pitty that so much is done ,but only the tip of the iceberg is reported.
Any suggestions on what could be done ?
What do you say?
Email me!

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