Wednesday, 22 July 2009

I must admit I have limited professional skills

Thanks for your enquiry .I will be lieing if I say as eye doctor I know everything about eye diseases and community health workers. If I did, I wouldn’t still be studying in London trying to get more skills. The truth is that my expertise is limited to eye diseases in the tropics and also to those affecting the poor people. Please do not ask me things that are beyond my capacity like requesting whether I can do laser eye surgery on you.

And I am not the only Ophthalmologist or the cleverest one in Malawi .there are many colleagues who have better skills than me, and I continue learning from them.

I can also not give the accurate information about other diseases like HIV and malaria in Malawi. There are other people who have expertise in this area and I would be willing to direct you to them.
But if you want to know about blind children in the rural areas of Malawi and how community health workers can be used to find them, am willing to share with you my experiences .

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Anonymous said...

You are a stinker. yes, not every doc knows everything but your attitude really stinks. pure arrogance. why?