Sunday, 19 July 2009

On Holiday to Paris France but still Blogging

Following the recent bad experience I had with the training of HSA’s in Mangochi (see my previous blog), I have taken a few days off to sit down and reflect on what went wrong and how I can improve the trainings. I also want to explore how I can best disseminate this information to other people who may be interested in training such cadres in Malawi. Well this will give me a good break about communities in Malawi and the blind children.
Remember I am an addict to travelling and indeed by Malawian standards (even by some Afican Standards) I have travelled a bit compared to the average globe trekker.Look at me in the picture taking at my home village.
Well I have not been to Europe for some time now and this being summer I have decided I will make a trip to France and visit Paris .I am not how to get there but having obtained my Schengen VISA I should be on the move anytime .
Who knows I may send a blog from Paris, otherwise I will blog after that .

Any advice on where I should and should not visit in Paris?

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