Monday, 20 July 2009

My involvements in community Health

I had had several informal requests as to whether I could get involved in other health related projects in the community .The recent email from Domasi Zomba invites me to visit a community project dealing with HIV/AIDS and help build capacity .
One fact I can clearly state is that I am neither a donor nor a supporting funding partner. Infact I am looking for people or organisations who can contact me to give me tips of how to convince some donors or individuals to give money to me to help the poor blind children in Mangochi.
For certain of you have some monies and want me to assist you in setting up community projects or coming up with monitoring and evaluation indicators , I am nore than happy willing to assist you. Much as I focus in blind children ,I am more than available to be involved in any community health projects especially those that involve training of health workers and volunteers.
For those NGO’s interested to know about my detailed experience in working with health workers in the community, email me and I will get back to you . If you have a proposal send it to me then I can look at it and advise. If you have an idea send it to me then maybe we can develop the community proposal .

I have been involved in community projects in Rwanda, Mozambique , Tanzania and Zanzibar in addition to the many I have done within the country and I am more than available to go to new areas or countries. I can be involved in the designing , implementation and evaluation of the programmes .

I cant just leave without thinking about the community .

What do you say?
Email me!

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