Saturday, 25 July 2009

Pirates are hijacking my blog

Who would think someone would want to pretend that they are me and even try to post blogs on my site on my behalf .And what would be their motive behind all this be?
These are the questions I am being faced with but it is true that someone has attempted to hijack my blog and post articles which would not be my favour. Defamation of my character is a possible reason for their attempt.
My advice is that if you see a blog with blasphemous words (uttering bad names /things against god) or swearing words on my site, know that the blog has not been posted by me and contact me immediately to remove it from the site .Blasphemy and swearing are not in my character , and I would not want to be associate with such words .
Today I did come across evidence that someone is tampering with my blog and have reported to the responsible authorities.
Honestly, Blogging is free, why can’t you just create your own blog if you are not happy with what I write .Alternatively, why bother reading my blog when there are so many things out there to be done.
The blog is here to say even if it doesn’t please other people. Anyway, am sorry, it was never meant for such a purpose.

On another note, some days are not meant to be good. In addition to being hijacked on my blog Imagine recently I was charged one Euro (approx 1.4USD) to use a toilet in a shopping mall called PRINTEMPS in Paris, France. I asked where I could get a free toilet to wash my hands and I was told forger it, it doesn’t happen in Paris .So I reluctantly paid and decided to spent a substantial amount of time in the toilet ,to get value for my money .

Life is much simpler there where there is less technology and development like rural Malawi ,thus why I am going back to the field in Mangochi next week.

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