Monday, 20 July 2009

Mzimba Heritage

I should have joined “Muhlako wa Alomwe” because I know that unless I am seen at such gatherings, my hard work and sweat is not going to yield anything in the next 5 years. Rumours say that members of this group can perform well as managers in various capacities in Malawi , but membership is very strictly restricted .

Having been frustrated that I can not join such a beneficial group I have decided to show my face at “Friends of Mzimba Heritage” whose membership am told depends on whether you consider yourself or your parents to come from Mzimba.Well I was born there ,so am qualified to be a member .I need to be noticed at this time and everyone must know my name and that am a doctor ;This is incase this group also gets the same powers and privileges to be board chairmen and directors ,I should not be forgotten to be given such a post.
We are meeting at Michiru for lunch one Sunday afternoon and about forty people have gathered here .The chairman welcomes us in Tumbuka (I am told he is the professor and vice chancellor of the Catholic University ) and asks us to introduce ourselves in Tumbuka as well.
When a man named Dr DD Phiri rises everyone applauds and I ask them why ,am told he is the one who started the association and that he has published over 18 books and a million articles .They ask me that didn’t you see him getting the national achievers award on Televison Malawi during the celebrations day? The name person to be introduced is the so called lady whose career as a professor of law in Zambia was interrupted by being imprisoned together with the husband and sons and that the husband died in jail. She runs an NGO and am told she also got the medal at Celebrations day. In absentia but also recognised is the lady called “Rose Chirambo” who am told is dead but was the first female minister under the first Ngwazi regimen.
Then comes a list of all the prominent people in town who are here, Chief Executive of X,Y, Z and MD’s of P,Q.
And then there is this “bayethi”-all of us standing up and clapping hands to who? I am told the man is Inkosi Mabulabo even though he looks younger than me .
Its my turn and all of a sudden I am tongue tied .I thought I was going to be noticed as an important person but there are too many here so I introduce myself as Mr Kalua ,also from Mzimba and working at the hospital and luckily enough no one bothers asking what I really do .I know I take care of blind people but in this gathering that role is unnoticeable.
I have learnt one thing in this meeting; there are already too many people from Mzimba with positions in Blantyre that even if the opportunity presents that they have to chose some directors, my name would still not be considered. For once I wish I was a Lomwe ; surely I could have been going to the embassy .

I am told the Mzimba heritage welcomes everyone so you are free to join. As you can see my late grandfather is seated at his house in Mzimba so I cant deny my roots .

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monire said...

There are both dangers and benefits of receiving perks based on heritage (i.e. laziness, dependency, ostracizing other qualified candidates) . Being a Lomwe may present the same hurdles as being from Mzimba. I would encourage you to not depend on others for your success--while it helps along the way (networking and so forth), ultimately you are responsible for your advancements.

Best of luck,
A Fellow Malawian with Mzimba Roots