Monday, 20 July 2009

Impressive CVs but no one to hire me

I must admit I know Malawi very well especially the rural community.
In response to the question most people have been asking me, YES I have been to all districts in Malawi and have slept in many substandard rest houses that most of you reading this blog would never ever dream of visiting .The outstanding ones that I remember are the Nsanje discovery lodge –where a night in an ensuite was only costing USD 7 but you could not get water from the tap. Surprisingly you were woken up at 5 am only to be told that water was available for bathing .I have also being to Karonga , Chitipa .Most of these arrears were visited while I was conducting eye outreach camps and operating on people with cataract in the field .
In addition and as part of work and continued medical education , I have visited some countries outside Malawi, viz : Zimbabwe ,Mozambique, Zambia ,South Africa, Botswana,Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania ,Egypt, Australia ,UK , Argentina , Brazil, India ,Switzerland ,Holland , Germany ,France .

I speak Swahili which I learnt in East Africa (Kenya) when I stayed there for 3 years.

I have vast experience in community health programmes.

Of all the places I have been to, my best moments are when I am in the rural community in Malawi dealing with local people at that level. I also had a very good time in Rwanda when I was involved with the trachoma survey.

Ready to hire me for an assignment in Malawi or elsewhere .

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Anonymous said...

Nimefurahi kusoma blogu yako na kujua kuwa unafahamu KiSwahili. Hongera Daktari!
Kazi njema.

Anonymous said...

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