Sunday, 22 February 2009

Wishes for my outreach eye project hospital in Malawi

Its day like today when I am in transit that I find time to blog .My next flight will be in 6 hrs time so I have a bit of time to write about comments I got on my recent blog.

I did not know many people would comment on the upcoming new Zomba hospital;
And I am thinking as I get back to Malawi I should visit the hospital on Friday 27th February and see the progress My worries are on the frequent trips I am making between Blantyre and Zomba especially that I am still using the old pickup which sight savers donated 7 years ago and that its now not in a very good condition.
We are training health workers at Mayaka health centre , near Nasawa training base or Ngwelero Its about one and half hour drive from Zomba and the road is not very good. Since its still in the rainy season I am worried that if it trains that day the muddy road will be very slippery, and we may not reach there .Indeed we are forcing the old Toyota, I would wish to have a relatively newer –less used (or brand new second hand four by four ) which would be a reliable car for the project. Its harder to find people /organisations to donate a whole car at the moment as four by four cars are expensive and with the credit crunch in the USA and UK most well wishers are reluctant to give any assistance at the moment .The priorities of my Government are on Malaria, TB and AIDS, and its unrealistic for me to expect them to give a car for the eye project. Bill Gates has not yet been convinced that blindness in children is worth intervening at an early stage so he is pumping most of his money in Africa into Malaria .Well for some time we will just have to manage with the old car you can see on the picture, but we seriously have to look for the alternatives .The other day I saw a new four by four vehicle belonging to an NGO called “Water Aid”; the vehicle is a Toyota hilux double cabin and its very good for field work I was wondering how I could convince somebody to donate such vehicle for the project in Zomba.

Any idea of well wishers with an old 4 by 4 car needing to be donated ?

Or any idea of someone who may be interested in giving us a project car in future?

Email me!

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