Saturday, 21 February 2009

David Madonna Banda

Well let us accept it ; the most famous person from Malawi is David Banda, the lucky boy that has been adopted by the Madonna Or is David Banda lucky? Just goggle his name and you will know what I am talking about.
Well I can’t resist following the recent comments that are appearing in the daily newspapers in London about the separation of Madonna and the husband and that Madonna is living with her children in the USA while the huby is in UK. David , having come from a broken family (in mchinji, Malawi) apart from having exposure to money ,should ideally have been raised not in another broken up family .Now that Madonna is separated ,should we say David has no father ?For your information, real the father is alive in Malawi and now the adopted father is in UK. Lucky David ,he is attending very expensive school. Whatever opinions you have and whichever angle you want to take it the separation of Madonna with the huby will have an impact on David. But as usual, Malawians have been quiet on this issue ,I am just expressing my opinion as one Malawian. Looking back at the massive poverty that is in Malawi ,and my own experience of poverty ,I would still say David should remain with Madonna in the USA and continue to be the most famous person from Malawi
Has David been caught up in the separation? Is there a way out for David?

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