Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Blogging lessons for Malawians

Blogging lessons for Malawians

So how does one start to blog ? Coz they aren’t many Malawians in this field ; because they do not know to start.
Well I never went through a formal training so I can t have the answers .All I can say is that I taught myself the hard way on the internet ; and I am sure other people can teach it easier to many Malawians .How did it start for me ? I was inpired by a Malawian journalist “Victor Kaonga” who was studying masters in Sweden in 2006 and was writing a lot about Christianity and journalism in Malawi ,and I noted that there were very few blogging articles about health in Malawi .I told myself that since I was a highly qualified person in the field of eye health in Malawi ,I would start by highlighting issues affecting my department in Malawi .And of-course my background and how I used to live that miserable life at Ezondweni , Mtwalo, Mzimba Malawi where my parents are still staying .I goggled on the internet about how to blog and came up with the list of blogging symbols .So then I started and look at where I am three years later .
But many Malawians leaving outside Malawi and within Malawi want to start Blogging but they don’t know how to do it .Is there a simpler way?
In my next blog , I will be highlighting the benefits blogging and I am convinced Malawians are loosing on this one .
If Khumbo Kalua , who came from the remotest of the remote villages in Mzimba , Malawi and had never seen a computer until a few years ago can now freely blog , then yes you can do much better. Ask me I have been there .
And talking about being busy ,my job is really involving –but I still have time to blog –so no excuse .

Are you in IT? Can you help many Malawians start blogging?

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acacia said...

there are quite a few malawian bloggers featured on my blog page but i've noticed theres not many of us women...
why? not good at computers? not interested in current affairs? no time to sit down with all the kids running around?
bloggers encourage your wife to start writing, charity begins at home!

MatteJerry said...

Blogging is very easy and fun, it is good to learn new thing and see how search engine works. Just started blogging two months ago.


it is good to help new blogger, there a lots of blogs abandoned. and some have very interesting URL.