Sunday, 22 February 2009

Journalism can expose one to the limits

The airport seem busy today as the transit lounges are very full.I still have a few hours before my nxt flight and i am bored . Wish I was a journalist, or atleast a novel writer ,I could have been writing about all these people and the noise they are making.Being a doctor I have become too scientific and all i can think about are facts and not imaginations which are needed for one to write .maybe I should go and study medical journalism; but alas i have been in school all my life!!

Imagine the noise at the airport is destructing me from concentrating ; I am trying to blog.

I am reading on internet about how this 22 year poor old boy from Malawi has become very popular in Malawi and the USA ; infact his blog was the blog of the year in 2009 for Malawi. William Kamkwamba is probably one of the fastest growing popular young person from Malawi .Despite being uneducated and a school drop out ,he built a five-meter windmill out of a broken bicycle, tractor fan blade, shock absorber, and blue gum trees. and was able to power four light bulbs and two radios-what a fantastic job. He is currently in south Africa and is being understudied by Dr. Hartford Mchazime, Ph.D., who has become his mentor. Goggle Williams name and you will believe he is indeed popular.
No wonder he got the award of blog of the year.
I cant spend all my time blogging ; because I need to identify so many blind children out there in Malawi. But somehow I wish I could also be understudied .

William was discovered by journalist who wrote articles and blogged about him and exposed him to the outer world where he was discovered In return he has started his own blog , and talks about his experiences in the USA last year. Young guys like William need to be promoted For older ones like myself we need more support than promotion.

I will discover and expose myself to the outer world, and will chose someone to understudy me.

Don’t you think I am fit to be understudied?
If not why not?

Email me!

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