Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I am a Resource centre for Malawi

An enquiry from the USA about exchange rates -how much the Malawian “Kwacha” is to the dollar at the moment, an enquiry from a medical a student about where they can go and do an elective in Malawi ,an enquiry from a traveller as to whether Air Malawi flys from Nairobi to Blantyre on Friday ; and a financial request form a poor Nigerian family who cant survive –these are the few of the many things that I get emailed through my blog. It makes me wonder whether there is a website out there where people can get reliable information about Malawi and also for people to know which are the rich people that are ready to donate money .I am just highlighting the problems blind children face in Malawi ; and if anything am the one looking for well wishers who can support the good work we are doing in Malawi by donating money and other things but not me giving the money .Well despite being a specialist medical doctor , I still on less than a dollar per day while serving the community in Malawi.
The work I am doing is not for me to make money , but rather to make a difference in the lives of many blind children who can not even afford to go to school in Malawi .
You IT guys , why can’t you have a “face book” for Malawi where people can check what they need and suggest to those who have the money and are ready to help Malawi channel it through my project .

Meanwhile I will continue answering to all blogger questions related to Malawi and my medical speciality to the best of my ability ; until I am convinced other mechanisms to obtain this information exists.

So continue enjoying the resource centre for free for now (but you are welcome to donate) .

Do you have any questions ,queries ?

Email me!

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Anonymous said...

How much of the money I dontate to Malawi actually gets there?