Saturday, 21 February 2009

Great bloggers from Malawi

I was mentioning the other day that I was inspired to start blogging by a Malawian blogger "ndagha" Victor Kaonga ( a journalist currently working at Transworld radio in Lilongwe, Malawi)who has been highlighting a lot of issues about Malawi on Global voices .I would encourage you to visit his blog site if you are interested in knowing more about Malawi.He is a real proffessional ;i only blog on part time basis.

Meanwhile I want to start focussing much on the general health aspects of Malawi , challenges at the medical training college ,College of Medicine in Blantyre ,the frustrations that doctors and nurses face in Malawi , and what the Drs from Malawi are doing when the migrate to the UK. I will in my next write up start with my own classmates : firstly a colleague psychiatrist from Malawi who is based in Kent,UK and works with the NHS and how his life is while in the UK and what he thinks about and says about returning to Malawi where there is no practising psychiatrist at the moment .
Do you think I will be intervening in other people’s personal lives? Should I continue pursuing this subject?

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johnlumbe said...

you can really inspire. Mainly coming from poor family to such can give hope to people like me.

help people said...

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