Sunday, 27 April 2008

Mangochi revisited

I have been missing because I have been very busy moving around in Malawi. But this week I have decided to revise the blog following comments from fellow bloggers that I need to update them of activities happening in the field of eye care.
Last week I was in Mangochi District hospital where with my hospital team we operated on 75 blind people .A bigger success of this eye camp was partly due to the publicity done by “Radio Maria” a Christian broadcasting radio station that is based in Mangochi but broadcasts all over Malawi. They kindly agreed to freely advertise on their radio that my team was coming to Mangochi to do eye operations from 21-24th April .As a result most blind people were brought to the hospital and had their sight restored. The activity was funded by Sight Savers International.
As a follow up patients who regained their sight were interviewed and this was followed by a radio broadcast. Since then I have had several phone requests being asked when I can see so and so.
I am note sure how far I can go with this as I am now getting fatigued and becoming overwhelmed with other research activities .But as for now I can assure you that I am next operating at Mulanje district Hospital from the 5th -9th May and will bring you news from there.
Do you think these activities are good?
Should they continue?

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