Sunday, 27 April 2008

Empty Promises

A Malawian lady based in USA came across my blog site and emailed me that she was touched with the good work we were doing in the prevention of blindness in Malawi and asked whether she could fund some of the activities in one district of her choice in Malawi. She said she had good fiend in the USA who would raise some funds for us to use.A date for the planned activities was set in March and after so many email communications she confirmed that she would be raising the funds.
As usual I moblised my team to start announcing /publishing about the upcoming event ;and when all was almost done I contacted this lady to transfer the money but she did not respond to my emails. I tried every to get hold of her but did not succeed. Even though I knew she was based in Washington it was harder to know the exact adress. In the end activities were cancelled after already publishing as that did cost us some money.
Even though we do need money to do the various activities in Malawi we do not routinely ask for momey.We wait for well wishers to come forward on their own and we engage on negotiations with them on how they can help us fund the activities. Being as busy as I am; and considering that it takes time to communicate on email and get back to many people ;I hope that people who approach me should be serious if they intend to help.It is not nice to waiste so much time and at the end pull out without explaining the reasons. Sometimes it is good to communicate and apologise that things did not come up as they were meant to be and that we should cancel the programme.
We are always in constant need of equipment and other logistical things and whatever you will you may help with is welcome to us Currently we need to replace our outreach operating microscopes, we need theatre gowns and attire, we need computers for the research team and financing for such activities .If you have anything you can offer even a dollar , please get back to me –but not with empty promises.

I will be waiting for your email.

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