Sunday, 27 April 2008

Can I do consultancy in other health related areas?

A few people have contacted me on my blog and asked whether I would be able to do some field work and get health related information for them that is not related to eye care .Instead of contacting them individually, here is my response.

My interest is in Community Eye Health, and I have done local and International consultancy (Mozambique and Zanzibar) and research in this area for a number of years. I have been in the eye filed for 10 years.

Prior to this I did general medicine private practice and had my own clinic in Blantyre: and prior to that I was a District Medical Officer for Chirazulu for 2years;I did operate on women during child birth (caesarean sections) and did many other general surgery and medical work. I also did a lot of health administrative work .I have a clear knowledge of the health service delivery in Malawi .I have also trained and I am certified to give anti-retroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS in Malawi.

I am also trained as a Public health specialist and have been equipped to review / evaluate any major public health interventions/research.

I do not like doing desk evaluations; I like visiting the communities and getting the facts as they are on the ground.

So if you would like to have someone get information from the grassroots community (baseline information) in Malawi ; monitor or evaluate the effect of your interventions in the community in any health related field ;my research team will be capable of doing it for you on a consultancy basis .
But we will have to agree on the time; because I can be busy and I travel a lot.

In summary, yes I can do any health related work as long as it involves the community.
I have made my point clear so I will be waiting for you to contact m if you need to get any information from Malawi.

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