Sunday, 27 April 2008

How was your Easter?

As for me I couldn’t have asked more than what I got for this Easter. For once I had a break from the busy work schedule in town. For 4 days I forgot as I was an eye doctor and a researcher.We went out to the North of Malawi with my family to visit other family members at home. We left Blantyre at 6.00am on good Friday ; had a stop at Jenda police road block in the afternoon, and bought some potatoes, onions and tomatoes to take home, proceeded to Chikangawa forest and had a short break for a drink and arrived in Mzuzu around 4.00pm . Yes a very long distance to cover (about 700km). In Mzuzu we did some more shopping; getting meat , fish and bread only left Mzuzu around 6pm for Ezondweni, Mtwalo. Upon seeing our vehicle the whole village warmly welcomed us; slaughtering local chicken for us to eat. With only candles used for lightening (no elcetrcity) and no TV to watch,
We spent most of the evening charting with old friends; some of them currently having 3 wives. In the morning I went to see Chief Mtwalo to pay him respect and for him to update me about the developments taking place in the village.I noted that his house now has electricity; thanks to the rural electrification project .
I then drove to Phwezi Boys secondary school in Rumphi Distrct to see my brother who is still in high school there;and on my way I stopped at Enukweni to see an old friend and primary school classmate who works as a medical assistant at Enukweni Health centre (he is nicknamed the Doctor).
In the afternoon we proceeded to Mpherembe through Sokopo but stopping at Luvwere to see my aunt who is married there.
At Mpherembe we went to Malidade at Chipwafu estate, where my mother inlaw stays.Our visit was followed by more partying and eating fresh corn. I visited the farm; with a lot of good tobacco , groundnuts and maize.
Having spent a night there we went back to Ezondenin to bid farewll to my mum; spent one more night there and on easter Monday we left at 6.00 am back to Blantyre and arrived in Blantyre at 5pm.
It was a good week for me and my family.

What did you do ?

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