Sunday, 27 April 2008

Helping Malawi without blowing a trumpet!!The amazing case of Norway

If you follow what I have been writing about the health sector in Malawi, you will notice that human resource crisis remains a major challenge in the delivery of health services –and perhaps services in other sectors. You will also probably realise that due to the crisis of HIV, Aids, Malaria and TB and many other diseases in Malawi, the government is unable to invest adequately in human resource. And if you were a good wisher for Malawi and had resources to help and contacted me, you would probably be advised to invest your resources in Human resources.
I want to alert you about Norway, a small country that has never blown a trumpet about what they are doing in terms of human resource capacity building in Malawi; however I feel they need special recognition and probably to be given special honours by the Malawian government. Many times we always think of the superpowers (USA, Britain ,China,e.t.c)as having the biggest impact in Africa; and we forget those who do not talk but give billions of dollars to help Africa.
So what has Norway done for MALAWI? I have not done a detailed research (maybe I need to do so ) but by just mentioning a few confirmed projects that Norway has done for Malawi you will understand what I am talking about.
Held of NORAID? Well it’s a short form of Norway Aid and comes with bug monies.
For example ,take the multimillion dollar sports complex just recently built at College of Medicine campus along the Mahatma Gandhi Road in Blantyre; everyone notices this building which is the first of its kind in terms of sports activities in Malawi. mention of indoor tennis, baddington, erobics, gymatstics and anything you can think of; the college of mecine of medicine premises are the best in Malawi. By the way apart from being meant for students, the centre is open to staff and the public at a few.The centre has dedicated trainers to take you through any sports activity you wish to be involved in.But you have never seen Norway bosting that they are the ones that have funded this project.
What about the new eye hospital in Mzuzu build through Lions Aid Norway and opened late last year ; and the upcoming eye hospital in Zomba? And the various training of staff that has been done at these hospitals?

Norway has been providing salary top up for dollars at College of Medicine;and recently is funding a re-entry package for Malawian specialist doctors who are abroad to come back to Malawi (by offering them up to UD60,000 per annum) .Norway is also funding a 2 year masters of political science programme at chancellor college by offering scholarships to more than 20 students per year.
Well, this information are the facts that I have about Norway obtained without doing a detailed research ;and I am sure this is a gross underestimation of what they are doing in Malawi .
You are not the only one who thinks wow they are doing a lot!!! Perhaps our governments need to give special honours to such countries-especially that they are not doing this for their own benefit.
I would really like to visit Norway to understand more about this county.
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Bennett Kankuzi said...

Indeed we need to be very thankful to countries like Norway. Driving through the Mahatma Ghandi road leaves you impressed on this project being funded by humble Norwegians at the Malawi College of Medicine.

Cheers and thanks also on your wonderful job you are doing to alleviate the suffering of disadvantaged Malawians! May God bless!