Sunday, 27 April 2008

Defining all odds

My daughter Tapiwa was born only after my wife carried her in the tummy for only 6 months and the decision to operate on the mother was based on the fact it was important to save life of the mother; initially there was doubt as to whether the baby would survive –and I remember crying in that ward while my sick wife was trying to comfort me. She was only weighing slightly more than a loaf of bread (950grammes) when she was wheeled to that intensive care unit at Saint Mary’s in Manchester where she spent the last 3 months of her growth in the incubator. The doctors cancelled my wife and I about the poor prognosis expected for her if she survived (maybe would end up in a wheel chair in all her life) and I did understand the situation (being a doctor and having read about the problems of very very premature babies ) but never understood why. Fortunately Tapiwa did not accept all this easy; and she decided to define the odds and change the way we think. She hardly gained any weight for the 3 months she was in the incubator and was discharged home at only 2 KG.
Today Tapiwa despite being still smallish is a bubbling girl who is walking when she is in the company of people she knows, but alas she doesn’t like strangers who were busy discussing her fate.
Miracles like this happen for a reason.
Tapiwa is now 23 months old; and so far everything has been well. Any complications initially thought of have not risen.
There is a God out there who has been keeping her live and we do not know the reasons.
She now gives me more reason to help the less privileged.
Have you experienced a miracle like this?
Let me know about it.
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