Friday, 11 July 2008


Well its really getting difficulty to maintain writing on my blog yet keep up with the filed work in Malawi .
Since Blantyre Institute for Community ophthalmology ( BICO) was launched early this year at the Lions sight first eye hospital in Blantyre ;we have been very busy doing Community eye health work in Southern Malawi ; starting with Mulanje as a pilot District .In may this year we conduced several trainings of Village volunteers and also Health surveillance assistants on how they can identify blind children ;and now they have started doing their work in the field and we are busy travelling up and down following what they are doing; We have recruited a project coordinator who is doing a marvellous job ( being a University of Malawi graduate I expect them to excel anyway).We were privileged in May to have observers from the International Centre for Eye health, London who visited us and observed what we are doing in Mulanje. I am pleased to report that that they have been convinced we are on the right track ;and we look forward to having services of BICO expand to the rest of southern Malawi .

If you have money to spare; do us a favour ! help us print BICO tee- shits for volunteers and Health Surveillance assistants at a cost of USD 8 ( £4) per item; these will help us spread messages about blindness in children and also
motivate the staff.

If you want to help please
Email me!

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