Friday, 14 December 2007

Bye Bye London

I am relocating from my London office to another office in Malawi where I will be starting work within the next few days. This is a big move from the comfort and luxury of an office on the third floor in the centre of London with a good view to my ordinary office in Malawi. Infact its probably not right to say I have an office in Malawi as I spend most of my time in either Eye clinics, Wards or Theatre managing Eye patients and I rarely have time to sit down. In London I was mostly sitting in the office and spending a substantial amount of time on the computer and reading reviews and journal articles and was being paid good monies for that . I also had 24 hour internet access (both at home and at work) where as in Malawi (with dial up connection) I will definitely have internet only at the office and certainly not at home. If lucky I may be able to check emails for an hour per day (when the speed is good) otherwise I may have to stay days without checking my mail. Having been used to writing blogs and emails every day I am a bit scared of how I am going to be coping in Malawi without regular internet. I now sort of understand why Malawians and many other people do not want to go back home after being exposed to the so called high tech life.
But as for me there is no point of staying in London and I am living within the next few days; and will spend my Christmas where there is no electricity ,telephone and running water but people are still happy. London may be a high tech place with lots of monies but it has lots of gloomy faces ( and indeed it’s true that money cant buy you happiness). My face has become more gloomy since being here. That’s why I am going to Ezondweni, Mtwalo, Mzimba , Malawi where people always smile at you (despite being poor) and I am expecting to have a memorable Christmas. And the focus is not so much on competition and setting long goals as it is here in London; because there in the village we live one day at a time .We are going to eat Chicken and Rice ( a delicacy even though people here take it as normal food)on Christmas day and drink some fanta. I don’t have to worry about what to write next so unfortunately you will not be reading more stories from me. Bye Bye London.

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