Thursday, 7 February 2008

Blogging from India

After spending Christmas in a remote area, I decided to Visit India for a change and have my birthday there. Yes I have added another year.
India has a lot of exciting things to offer. It is a nation for the rich and the poor; with the gap widening more.
Surprisingly one does not see many people of African origin; infact I am the only one here.
And I have started liking Indian dishes (doesn’t have a choice).
I am attending a conference of the Indian eye specialists-there are a total of about 10,000 eye specialist in India (contrast with the half a dozen we still have in Malawi) .
I do not have much access to internet; so I will leave the rest for when I am out of here. But I have managed to have some nice photos.
I have become too busy as of late that I have decided I will have to stop Blogging completely.
Greetings from India.

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