Sunday, 2 December 2007

Good old days .Were they really good?

Imagine it is about 22 years ago (1985) when I was posing for these photos. It only looks like yesterday .Time does really fly.
The first picture I am standing next to the radio and I am wearing a hat. Next to me is the brother, Steven Kalua who is based in Botswana as a musician. The picture was taken by a cousin at home in Mtwalo, Mzimba in 1985 when he came back for holiday from UK where he was studying as an architectural studies. Imagine this picture was developed in the UK and sent back home (and it’s not of good quality)
This next one I am with Emanuel Kacheche (am holding my hands on the waist) and we are standing behind the physical science laboratory/classroom at Mzimba secondary school. Emanuel was a good friend but he didn’t make it to University after form 4 (year 12) so I haven’t seen or heard about him for 20 years now.
The other photo I am in the middle with two other friends (Anderson Soko and Robert Kumwenda) and this is in 1986 and still at Mzimba secondary school.We are standing behind our hostel (dormitory ). Anderson is working in Lilongwe but I have no idea where Robert is. In the other picture I am alone sitting just behind the hostel facing Mzimba primary school. I am wearing a hat and a robin- hood shirt (these were in fashion in those days).This is also in 1986.
The last picture was taken inside Chancellor College (University of Malawi) library when I was a first year doing a Bachelor of Science degree course. I am showing off the books (pretending to be hard working!!!).
Those were the good old days; as some people say. At that time I didn’t even think of what I wanted to do in future . I was just a hard working student at school and accidentally I found myself where I am today. Yes is this really me?
What is left are the memories; and there are here to stay.


Pope Gondwe said...

Hi Khumbo, Whaauuuuu!! cannot imagine, we last saw each other so many yrs ago and alot has happened, I am glad I read alot of what you are doing. More importantly, I have read about your family and seen your daugher as well, that is nice to see such a happy family. From what you have written, I can see you being very honest and plain about everything - To tell you the truth, I felt like I am just around you.
Well, This is Pope Gondwe, a long time freind of yours right from Ezondweni to Mzimba Secondary - I have been muliyenda as well, spent most of the yrs after school at Mzimba being at Malawi College of accountany, moved to Botswana in 1994 and then back and forth to Namibia till 2005 when I now moved here in Virginia, USA just 26miles from Washington DC. I came here with my family, wife and two kids boy (10) girl (7) I am just completing MBA in Accounting. In 1998 I also completed ACCA (UK) and currently doing last course for CIMA (UK) - have also registred fo CPA (USA) - your wife may understand the stuff I am talking about. I have visited UK twice and for a greater part most of Southern african countries ther about - I mean Zambia, Mozambique, RSA, ZIm etc
Alot has happened and we need time to do that - I am happy to read about your progress, recently Peterson Moyo who is also here in USA managed to get Mrs Ferguson email and we have been corresponding at least three/four times. Listen, my email is my cell in USA is at +1 571 276 0137 but if you are set up for you can also search my name there and you will be able to find me and we can talk free, nroamlly I am free every Friday morning in USA time.
Yewo chomene mubatauzgeko a woli winu awo.
Pope Gondwe

Anonymous said...

Hellow Khumbo,

This is Estery chibambo from U.K.I was at Mzimba Secondary School at your time but I was in FORM 1 & FORM 2 EAST and that is why I have recognised on the guys on your pictures Anderson Soko.

Iam here in U.K working as a senior staff nurse at Leicester genaral hospital. I came here in 1997 and studied nursing at Demontfort University and graduated in 1995 with Bsc degree in adult nursing.

Still single (sinle is best) but I have a beatiful girl called sali.
Well done Khumbo for you achivements well deserved!!!.

I remeber all those old days at Boma Secondary school, NGALAZI, CHIKWANGWA, what about gig on saturdays silly songs like mangelengele which eventually came to be my stupid nick name.

Yebo Kalua,ndagha. Well done.

Malawi Cartoons said...

Title: Malawi - Alumni to raise for school development

Alumni from one of Malawi's oldest secondary schools, Mzimba, in the country's northern region, have formed an association towards fund-raising for a facelift. The Mzimba Secondary School Alumni Association (MSSAA) says the event is slated for end February and will engage alumni, development stakeholders, and all well wishers.

MSSAA spokesperson M’theto Lungu told Nyasa Times that this will be the first of its kind.

"We plan to raise enough to rehabilitate school blocks, classes, hostels and maintain the kitchen which are all in a terrible state. We are aware government through the ministry of education is doing its part, but as alumni we also recognise the role we need to play in ensuring that many other Malawians get a good education from our old school," he said.

Events during the fundraiser will include football, netball, basketball, volleyball and tug-o-war games between the alumni and current students; a paid-up lunch with current students at MK150 per plate.

"We want to remind ourselves of the lunch queues and bring back the old-school mealtime taste," added Lungu.

Formal events will include speeches, a minute of silence in recognition of a group of about 20 students who died during a road accident at Chikangawa and the departed alumni; a career talk by members of the alumni drawn from the teaching, security, banking and media industries among others; and an open braai and disco to mark the end.

Proceeds from this events will be donated to the school.

"We plan to make this kind of event an annual one. We realise we have a lot of potential and an obligation to contribute to the well being of the school," added Lungu.

Organising members are contributing MK10,000 each towards and gate collections will cost MK5,000 a couple.

Mzimba Secondary School is a government education system with alumni in top government, civil society, private and individual realms.

For more details contact, in Lilongwe. Mabvuto Lupwayi at and Beatrice Singini-Butao at .