Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Mzuzu ,a shining city for North of Malawi

A blogger from South Africa who happened to have visited my sight liked the pictures of Mzuzu so much that he asked me if I could post more.
The central of the north, Mzuzu is the main stopover town, and turning-off point for all areas north of Malawi.
The people of Mzuzu are friendly and they speak Tumbuka.
My village is 48 km from the city of Mzuzu; along the neglected M1 road (Mzuzu –Mtwalo-Kafukule-Mzimba road).
The trip by road from Lilongwe to Mzuzu takes about 4-5 hours.
By air, flight from Kamuzu International Airport (Lilongwe) to Mzuzu only takes 1 hour.
And if you have a camera on board you can take pictures while descending to land at the airport in Mzuzu. The view is fantastic.
Look at these pictures; they are lovely; and they were all taken by me while above the ground.For those who know Mzuzu you can see the arch at Chimaliro which is written welcome to Mzuzu.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Khumbo, Whaauuuuu!! cannot imagine, we last saw each other so many yrs ago and alot has happened, I am glad I read alot of what you are doing. More importantly, I have read about your family and seen your daugher as well, that is nice to see such a happy family. From what you have written, I can see you being very honest and plain about everything - To tell you the truth, I felt like I am just around you.
Well, This is Pope Gondwe, a long time freind of yours right from Ezondweni to Mzimba Secondary - I have been muliyenda as well, spent most of the yrs after school at Mzimba being at Malawi College of accountany, moved to Botswana in 1994 and then back and forth to Namibia till 2005 when I now moved here in Virginia, USA just 26miles from Washington DC. I came here with my family, wife and two kids boy (10) girl (7) I am just completing MBA in Accounting. In 1998 I also completed ACCA (UK) and currently doing last course for CIMA (UK) - have also registred fo CPA (USA) - your wife may understand the stuff I am talking about. I have visited UK twice and for a greater part most of Southern african countries ther about - I mean Zambia, Mozambique, RSA, ZIm etc
Alot has happened and we need time to do that - I am happy to read about your progress, recently Peterson Moyo who is also here in USA managed to get Mrs Ferguson email and we have been corresponding at least three/four times. Listen, my email is my cell in USA is at +1 571 276 0137 but if you are set up for you can also search my name there and you will be able to find me and we can talk free, nroamlly I am free every Friday morning in USA time.
Yewo chomene mubatauzgeko a woli winu awo.
Pope Gondwe