Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Staff parties

Christmas is here; and it’s is a common tendency for management to organize parties for their staff. Apart from the celebrations and drinking that are associated with such parties, it is a good time for the senior management to know their staff.After all how often do you see nurses and the other health workers dressed in their normal causal clothing?They are mostly dressed in uniform and parties give a chance to see staff in other clothing styles.If a good party is organized; usually staff will loose their inhibitions after a few drinks and start talking about how good or bad the bosses or line managers are. And if you are a manager this can be a good opportunity for you to listen to how juniors view you in your leadership role. It was interesting for me to have over-heard staff at one party saying that juniors were afraid of coming to my office because I was always seen as being more serious and they preferred seeing the top boss himself (my boss) because he had a relaxed attitude.
Now that more parties are here again, I am looking forward to observe the new dancing steps. But I will make sure that other staff are covering the work that needs to be done while the rest are partying; otherwise patients will complain that they are being neglected.And I know I will be blamed again by junior staff for forcing them to work during party time;and ofcourse that's something I have to leave with.
Unfortunately there isnt a 13th Cheque for the staff.
I am looking forward to enjoying the next party at the eye Department of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre ,Malawi and I am sure I am not the only one.

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