Saturday, 8 December 2007

Graduating without Family support

Are you a graduate; or are you intending to be one soon?
A graduation day is supposed to be one of your happiest days in life. After having worked so hard during your studies and gone though numerous assignments and examinations; this is the time you are recognised and rewarded for what you have achieved. Most importantly graduates look forward to getting their certificate so that they can present it to their prospective employees for a job.
A graduation day is supposed to be a time when family, friends and colleagues come together and cheer you among the many when your name is called.
However, when it comes to the day of graduation, how you wondered what happens to many foreign international students who have studied at an institution, gone back to their country immediately after competition of studies but need to come back for the graduation? In my experience most examination results come out within a few months of sitting; however the graduation ceremony takes place after at least 6 months of knowing your examination results. By that time most graduates would have gone back to their country and started a new job and it’s unlikely for them to come again to their school within 6 months due to the high financial implication costs. So in reality most foreign graduates do not attend their graduation day and celebrate(certificates are posted to them). As for the few who can afford to get a ticket for graduation its usually the graduate himself without family members accompanying him or her. And when you finally get there on that day all your classmates (now alumni) have many family friends and are busy having numerous photo sessions and you are on own and rely on your classmates to help you appreciate this important day. And when your name is called there is usually no applauding in comparison to when your friend’s names are called. The important thing is for you to be confident and know that you are also greeting the same Qualification even though there is no family to witness. And if you can manage to study and graduate within the circle of your family; it is much nicer; because you will have better memories and good pictures of that graduation event.
I am planning to have my next graduation in Malawi; where my family and friends will be available to witness. The previous graduation ceremony at the University of London was a lonely one for me as can be seen from the pictures.

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nchenga said...

anyway, you have the photos to share. And the fine robes.

I didn't even have a graduation ceremony at the German uni I attended.