Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Donating glasses to visually challenged children in Malawi

One particular group that I am currently serving is the children who are albinos, as these have a lot of difficulty with their sight. Because of lack of pigment, they do find it hard to cope with the sun and their eye usually water all the time. They also have difficulty seeing. Giving them glasses helps a lot. Here I am presenting a pair of glasses to a pupil at Malosa secondary school in Zomba, Malawi. There are so many albino kids in Malawi who need your help. Blantyre Institute for community OphthalmologyBICO an organization that I direct and which is involved in a lot of eye activities that benefit the albinos from rural communities of Malawi. We currently do not have enough money to help all the children. Do you want to be involved? Then please contact me at khumbokalua@yahoo.com
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