Friday, 21 October 2011

Optometry Students from University of Waterloo Canada leave Blantyre Malawi
It has been a busy 8 weeks period (August-October 2011) for me and the 4 Canadians students as I had to teach them every day. So I have not travelled from Blantyre without them since August.
Well a few blind children and adults have benefited from their trip as we saw thousands of patients together.

They came under Blantyre Institute for community OphthalmologyBICO, and I did like teaching them.
Here are their experiences in Malawi:
Past Student Experiences
“The clinical experience in Malawi was absolutely invaluable, and something that we will never forget.   This experience has helped us foster a deeper and more genuine interest in the need for eye care in developing countries such as Malawi.” – A. Caiger Watson, R. Dupuis, C. Durand, and D. Walker-Optometry Students from Canada Malawi Externship, Fall 2011

For any questions about the Malawi Ophthalmology/Optometry externship or rotation, please contact us and we would be happy to answer any of your queries!
 or me (in Malawi)

I am happy that they enjoyed their stay.

Want to come to Malawi and spend some time with me?

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