Tuesday, 20 September 2011

News Just in

I have heard that the high court has allowed peaceful demonstrations to take place in Malawi tomorrow on 21st September. I am very worried for two reasons: fear of my life and fear of my property. I was innocently tear gassed by police on 20th July in Blantyre even though I was not involved in the vigil.3 days later my house was vandalized and my vehicles were broken in. I have no reason to rejoice in any force of strike/vigil as long as people plan to root other people’s property. If you do not see my writing anymore, it may be because I have been injured during the vigil, otherwise you will see me writing about blind children tomorrow (especially that we are told not to come to work). Heard that the street kids have burned the Blantyre Marker? We need to do something about such children otherwise we will continue facing such challenges in Malawi. Blantyre Institute for community OphthalmologyBICO an organization that I direct and which is involved in a lot of eye activities that benefit the rural communities of Malawi will be prepared to ADD IN streets kids in its programme. But we need to get funding for them. Do you know of anywhere we could apply for funding? Then please advise me. What do you say? Email me!

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