Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Helping Others

Believe me or not; no matter how much you have you don’t get full satisfaction until you start helping others. This is why apart from being an eye doctor, and helping many close relatives, I continue doing charity work through Lions Club of Limbe, which is part of Lions Club International.
My involvement in the club has made me become a better person.
I need to be helped myself in a lot of ways (both financially and non financially) but I also help a lot of others.
Blantyre Institute for community Ophthalmology BICO an organization that I direct is involved in a lot of eye activities that benefit the rural communities of Malawi at no cost to them.
Due to global economic crisis BICO has been facing several challenges including difficulties in fund raising. But we are still doing some work, and are always looking for well wishers who can help us implement programmes.
Do you know of anywhere we could apply for funding? Then please advise us.
What do you say?
Email me!

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