Friday, 15 July 2011

Invest in Malawi: Get out of here

Why would an eye doctor like myself want to invest in my own country. Well its because I know sooner than later I need to retire from this community work and spend sometime with my daughter Tapiwa.
So where would one invest in Malawi? For now I will say nowhere because I have just lost USD10,000 due to the collapse of a financial institutions.
You see I was keeping my money with “Trust Securities” a Reserve Bank regulated financial institution and I thought my money was growing every day.
I have just been told every penny I invested was chewed; and that I cannot be compensated in any way.
The money was meant to be my initial deposit for buying a house: now got nothing.
With no forex, no fuel; I am wondering whether it’s still worth staying in Malawi. I may leave if opportunity strikes at the right time.
Meanwhile I am stuck here? Have you noted that I cannot even go and help blind patients in the community because there is no fuel.
Been here for a while, but have never seen Malawi like this.
I rest my case.
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Phyllis said...

Dr Kulua, we would like to express appreciation for your work in Malawi. It is wonderful that you are giving back and caring for those in need. Over the past months, we have read and learned much about the needs, and the statistics for infant and maternal mortality are staggering. We are a small non profit repairing wells and teaching sanitation and hygiene, and distributing clean birth kits in rural Malawi. It is our desire is to improve their health and the quality of their lives. So, we have our little part to play, and that work is very fulfilling.