Friday, 1 July 2011

Blogger sphere in Washington

Wish could blog more; but maturity has finally caught up with me here in Malawi. Imagine I am always up and down, but can report any more. Today I was at the American embassy in Lilongwe processing a VISA to the USA, and I need to sit down and prepare for the presentation that I need to give to a much bigger audience in Washington. And then I will proceed to London, UK for a stopover .I miss London, haven’t being there for a while. But I cant afford to stay longer, because end July I have trachoma trainings in Chikwawa and Mchinji ) that is in Malawi).And of course my teaching at College of Medicine.24 hours per day isn’t enough; is this a sign of old age.
Yesterday at the USA embassy during the interview I was asked where else I have been; instead of being asked where I have not been. I have to think of where I can not been; especially in Europe as I seem to have travelled to all places that matter such as Berlin and Dresden. Well this next weeks trip will be my 100th international trip; and its good am going to Washington DC.
Impressed that I have seen a bit of the world? (infact all continents).all this in the name of eye care; more specifically community Ophthalmology.
This time I am travelling under my organsisation-BICO.
You been to Washington?
Then tel me what I should expect .
Email me!

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