Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Good Retirement for the Minister of Health in Malawi

As per my prediction on the earlier blog, indeed Prof Moses Chirambo, after retiring as the first Malawian Ophthalmologist is now not only Member of Parliament but also the Minister of Health in Malawi.
Join me in congratulating him in his job as he continues to be my boss.

Well, no one should ever doubt that he will not perform for the ministry of Health; He did wonders in Eye care, am confident he will do the same.
Read his profile on my earlier blog and you will understand we need such people in Malawi .The link is

In one of the pictures I am just next to him, he is the one with the flash disc on hi neck.This picture was taken was in 2004 when we had a refresher course for Ophthalmic clinical officers in Mangochi.

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acacia said...

yes our hospital is very excited about the appointment.