Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Needed: Malawian doctors or nurses who are working in the UK

A company in the United Kingdom are researching a possible film for the World Health Organisation (WHO) and would like to talk to Malawian doctors and nurses who are currently working in the UK (preferably in the North West of England / Manchester area). The WHO have helped put various measures in place in Malawi to try and improve the health system. With the help of Malawian health workers who are working in the UK, the film makers would like to discover what impact those measures are having. I have accepted to partcipate in the film.

Are you a Malawian doctor or nurse working in the UK?Will you be available for a short interview at your own convinient time?

Please Email Ashley Morris!

or cal him directly on 0208 969 1616

Or do you have any comments to make, then
Email me!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Kalua
I was very interested to see your BLOG site. I work for MSF-B and our field project is in Thyolo. We are currently doing a lot of work on the shortage of health workers in Malawi so any input you have on this subject would be great. I'm sure we can learn a lot from you.
Nabila Saddiq
Human Resources for Health