Sunday, 15 March 2009

Market day in Chingale Zomba

Today I have come across a market taking place along the Zomba road on my way to Chingale Health centre and have stopped to buy tomatoes and cabbage for home in Blantyre .
I love field work because you get lot of cheap fresh vegetables.And I am not missing London at the moment; here the weather is very good. Infact the team from London is visiting me next week since it will be a while before I go back there .
I have bought a whole bucket of tomatoes for around $1 (£0.7) and have also bought cabbage and fresh beans.

In Chingale we have planned a training for a group of volunteers. The road is so bad and it’s a bit challenging getting there . There is now a lot of fresh maize in Malawi so at-least there is less hunger at the moment .

I will post pictures of Chingale later .
Have you been to Chingale ? Do you want to know how to get there ? Do you just want to comment?

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